Bearpaw Ranch is a small working farm and ranch.  We have horses, mules, and a few head of Longhorn cattle. We raise heritage breeds poultry including chickens, ducks, turkeys, and peafowl. We have a little garden and a pasture where we graze the animals. We believe in healthy eating and grow everything using organic methods.

Our livestock all live cage-free and free-range. No coops or corrals for our critters!

We gladly share farm fresh eggs with our guests, and you might find that they are the best eggs you ever ate!
BearPaw Ranch Vacation Rentals
Gila, New Mexico

BearPaw Ranch Vacation Rentals

Gila is a wilderness.  Gila is a river. Gila is a town.
Gila is a state of mind.
Whether you are coming to the Cliff/Gila area to visit friends or relatives, or to enjoy the many outdoor activities of the nation’s largest wilderness area the Bearpaw Ranch is a great place to stay.

Our four vacation rentals (the Pond Cabin, Lanehouse, Stewart House and Gatehouse) at the Bearpaw Ranch provide direct access to the Gila River for bird watching, fishing, river rafting, horseback riding, and hiking.

You can stay busy right on the ranch - it is a spectacular place for bird-watching. The riparian area offers a perfect place for hundreds of species of birds. We also have abundant wildlife, including deer, javalina, fox, and raccoons. In our four ponds, you can see beaver, muskrat, fish and turtles. In the winter our fields are full of sandhill cranes. Many dog-owners love staying here because it is a time when their city dogs can really feel what it is to be free and unleashed! 

Or, take a drive - Check out our Local Attractions page to learn more about all of the activities and enchanting small towns located close by.

It is a slower pace. It is less rules, more freedom. It is the desert southwest in the Land of Enchantment. I find that it is hard to explain. But, when you will feel it.
Photo Gallery: The farm and BearPaw Ranch Vacation Rentals (the Pond Cabin, Lanehouse, Gatehouse, and Stewart House).

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